Abducens Nerve Injury


Abducens Nerve Injuries

Abducens Nerve Trauma

Abducens Nerve Traumas

Abducens Neuropathies, Traumatic

Abducens Neuropathy, Traumatic

Cranial Nerve VI Injury

Injuries, Abducens Nerve

Injury, Abducens Nerve

Injury, Cranial Nerve VI

Injury, Sixth Cranial Nerve

Nerve Injuries, Abducens

Nerve Injury, Abducens

Nerve Trauma, Abducens

Nerve Traumas, Abducens

Sixth Cranial Nerve Injuries

Sixth Cranial Nerve Injury

Sixth Nerve Palsy, Traumatic

Sixth Nerve Trauma

Sixth-Nerve Palsies, Traumatic

Sixth-Nerve Palsy, Traumatic

Sixth-Nerve Trauma

Sixth-Nerve Traumas

Trauma, Abducens Nerve

Trauma, Sixth-Nerve

Traumas, Abducens Nerve

Traumas, Sixth-Nerve

Traumatic Abducens Neuropathies

Traumatic Abducens Neuropathy

Traumatic Sixth Nerve Palsy

Traumatic Sixth-Nerve Palsies

Traumatic Sixth-Nerve Palsy

Traumatic injury to the abducens, or sixth, cranial nerve. Injury to this nerve results in lateral rectus muscle weakness or paralysis. The nerve may be damaged by closed or penetrating CRANIOCEREBRAL TRAUMA or by facial trauma involving the orbit.