Abducens Nerve


Abducen, Nervus

Abducens, Nervus

Abducent Nerve

Abducent Nerves

Cranial Nerve VI

Cranial Nerve VIs

Cranial Nerve, Sixth

Nerve VI

Nerve VI, Cranial

Nerve VIs

Nerve VIs, Cranial

Nerve, Abducens

Nerve, Abducent

Nerve, Sixth Cranial

Nerves, Sixth Cranial

Nervus Abducen

Nervus Abducens

Sixth Cranial Nerve

Sixth Cranial Nerves

The 6th cranial nerve which originates in the ABDUCENS NUCLEUS of the PONS and sends motor fibers to the lateral rectus muscles of the EYE. Damage to the nerve or its nucleus disrupts horizontal eye movement control.