Antigens, CD9


27 kDa Diphtheria Toxin Receptor Associated Protein

27 kDa Diphtheria Toxin Receptor-Associated Protein

Antigen, CD9

CD9 Antigen

CD9 Antigens

DRAP27 Protein

Leukemia Associated Cell Surface Antigen p24

Leukemia-Associated Cell Surface Antigen p24

Motility Related Protein 1

Motility-Related Protein-1

Tetraspanin 29


p24 CD9 Antigen

p24-CD9 Antigen

A subtype of tetraspanin proteins that play a role in cell adhesion, cell motility, and tumor metastasis. CD9 antigens take part in the process of platelet activation and aggregation, the formation of paranodal junctions in neuronal tissue, and the fusion of sperm with egg.