Antigens, Thy-1


Antigen, CD90

Antigen, Thy-1

Antigen, Thy-1.1

Antigen, Thy-1.2

Antigens, CD90

Antigens, Thy 1

CD90 Antigen

CD90 Antigens

Thy 1 Antigen

Thy 1 Antigens

Thy 1.1 Antigen

Thy 1.2 Antigen

Thy-1 Antigen

Thy-1 Antigens

Thy-1.1 Antigen

Thy-1.2 Antigen

A group of differentiation surface antigens, among the first to be discovered on thymocytes and T-lymphocytes. Originally identified in the mouse, they are also found in other species including humans, and are expressed on brain neurons and other cells.