B-Lymphocyte Subsets


B Cell Subsets

B Cell, Effector

B Cells, Effector

B Effector 1 Cells

B Effector 2 Cells

B Lymphocyte Subsets

B Lymphocytes, Effector

B-Cell Subset

B-Cell Subsets

B-Lymphocyte Subset

B-Lymphocyte, Effector

B-Lymphocytes, Effector

Be1 Cell

Be1 Cells

Be2 Cell

Be2 Cells

Cell, Be1

Cell, Be2

Cell, Effector B

Cells, Be1

Cells, Be2

Cells, Effector B

Effector B Cell

Effector B Cells

Effector B-Lymphocyte

Effector B-Lymphocytes

Subset, B-Cell

Subset, B-Lymphocyte

Subsets, B-Cell

Subsets, B-Lymphocyte

A classification of B-lymphocytes based on structurally or functionally different populations of cells.