beta Karyopherins


Importin beta


Importins, beta

Kap95 protein

Karyopherin beta

Karyopherin beta Subunit


Karyopherin-beta Subunit

Karyopherins, beta

beta Importins

nuclear protein, p92

p92 nuclear protein

Nucleocytoplasmic transport molecules that bind to ALPHA KARYOPHERINS in the CYTOSOL and are involved in transport of molecules through the NUCLEAR PORE COMPLEX. Once inside the CELL NUCLEUS beta karyopherins interact with RAN GTP-BINDING PROTEIN and dissociate from alpha karyopherins. Beta karyopherins bound to RAN GTP-BINDING PROTEIN are then re-transported to the cytoplasm where hydrolysis of the GTP of RAN GTP-BINDING PROTEIN causes release of karyopherin beta.