Biliopancreatic Diversion


Bilio Pancreatic Bypass

Bilio Pancreatic Bypasses

Bilio Pancreatic Diversion

Bilio Pancreatic Diversions

Bilio-Pancreatic Bypass

Bilio-Pancreatic Bypasses

Bilio-Pancreatic Diversion

Bilio-Pancreatic Diversions

Biliopancreatic Bypass

Biliopancreatic Bypasses

Biliopancreatic Diversions

Bypass, Bilio-Pancreatic

Bypass, Biliopancreatic

Bypasses, Bilio Pancreatic

Bypasses, Bilio-Pancreatic

Bypasses, Biliopancreatic

Diversion, Bilio Pancreatic

Diversion, Bilio-Pancreatic

Diversions, Bilio Pancreatic

Diversions, Bilio-Pancreatic

Diversions, Biliopancreatic

Pancreatic Bypasses, Bilio

Pancreatic Diversion, Bilio

Pancreatic Diversions, Bilio

A surgical procedure which diverts pancreatobiliary secretions via the duodenum and the jejunum into the colon, the remaining small intestine being anastomosed to the stomach after antrectomy. The procedure produces less diarrhea than does jejunoileal bypass.