Bladder Exstrophy


Bladder Exstrophies

Bladder Extrophies

Bladder Extrophy

Exstrophies, Bladder

Exstrophies, Urinary Bladder

Exstrophy Of Bladder

Exstrophy of the Bladder

Exstrophy, Bladder

Exstrophy, Urinary Bladder

Extrophies, Bladder

Extrophy, Bladder

Urinary Bladder Exstrophies

Urinary Bladder Exstrophy

A birth defect in which the URINARY BLADDER is malformed and exposed, inside out, and protruded through the ABDOMINAL WALL. It is caused by closure defects involving the top front surface of the bladder, as well as the lower abdominal wall; SKIN; MUSCLES; and the pubic bone.