Brain Diseases, Metabolic


Acquired Metabolic Diseases, Brain

Acquired Metabolic Diseases, Nervous System

Acquired Metabolic Encephalopathies

Acquired Metabolic Encephalopathy

Brain Disease, Metabolic

Brain Diseases, Metabolic, Acquired

Brain Disorder, Metabolic

Brain Disorders, Metabolic

Brain Disorders, Metabolic, Acquired

Brain Metabolic Disorder

Brain Metabolic Disorders

Brain Syndrome, Metabolic

Brain Syndrome, Metabolic, Acquired

CNS Metabolic Disorder

CNS Metabolic Disorders

CNS Metabolic Disorders, Acquired

Central Nervous System Metabolic Disorders

Encephalopathies, Acquired Metabolic

Encephalopathies, Metabolic

Encephalopathy, Acquired Metabolic

Encephalopathy, Metabolic

Encephalopathy, Metabolic, Acquired

Metabolic Brain Disease

Metabolic Brain Diseases

Metabolic Brain Diseases, Acquired

Metabolic Brain Disorder

Metabolic Brain Disorders

Metabolic Brain Syndrome

Metabolic Brain Syndrome, Acquired

Metabolic Brain Syndromes

Metabolic Brain Syndromes, Acquired

Metabolic Diseases, Acquired, Nervous System

Metabolic Disorder, Brain

Metabolic Disorder, CNS

Metabolic Disorder, Central Nervous System, Acquired

Metabolic Disorders, Brain

Metabolic Disorders, CNS

Metabolic Disorders, CNS, Acquired

Metabolic Disorders, Central Nervous System

Metabolic Encephalopathies

Metabolic Encephalopathies, Acquired

Metabolic Encephalopathy

Metabolic Encephalopathy, Acquired

Nervous System Acquired Metabolic Diseases

Acquired or inborn metabolic diseases that produce brain dysfunction or damage. These include primary (i.e., disorders intrinsic to the brain) and secondary (i.e., extracranial) metabolic conditions that adversely affect cerebral function.