Branchial Region


Arch, Branchial

Arch, Pharyngeal

Arch, Visceral

Arches, Branchial

Arches, Pharyngeal

Arches, Visceral

Archs, Pharyngeal

Branchial Arch

Branchial Arches

Branchial Cleft

Branchial Clefts

Branchial Groove

Branchial Grooves

Branchial Regions

Cleft, Branchial

Cleft, Pharyngeal

Clefts, Branchial

Clefts, Pharyngeal

Groove, Branchial

Groove, Pharyngeal

Grooves, Branchial

Grooves, Pharyngeal

Pharyngeal Arch

Pharyngeal Arches

Pharyngeal Archs

Pharyngeal Cleft

Pharyngeal Clefts

Pharyngeal Groove

Pharyngeal Grooves

Region, Branchial

Regions, Branchial

Visceral Arch

Visceral Arches

A region, of SOMITE development period, that contains a number of paired arches, each with a mesodermal core lined by ectoderm and endoderm on the two sides. In lower aquatic vertebrates, branchial arches develop into GILLS. In higher vertebrates, the arches forms outpouchings and develop into structures of the head and neck. Separating the arches are the branchial clefts or grooves.