Broca Area


Area, Broca

Area, Broca's

Area, Broca's Speech

Broca Region

Broca Speech Area

Broca's Area

Broca's Region

Broca's Speech Area

Brocas Area

Brocas Region

Brocas Speech Area

Operculari, Pars

Opercularis, Pars

Pars Operculari

Pars Opercularis

Pars Triangulari

Pars Triangularis

Region, Broca's

Speech Area, Broca's

Triangulari, Pars

Triangularis, Pars

Functional neuroanatomical region of the inferior frontal gyrus consisting of pars opercularis and pars triangularis. It is important in SPEECH and LANGUAGE production. Injuries to Broca area are associated with BROCA APHASIA and APRAXIA.