BTB-POZ Domain


BTB (POZ) Domain

BTB Domain

BTB Domains

BTB POZ Domain

BTB-POZ Domains

Broad Complex, Tramtrack and Bric a Brac Domain

Broad-Complex, Tramtrack and Bric a Brac Domain

POZ Domain

POZ Domains

POxvirus and Zinc Finger Domain

A homodimerization protein interaction domain occurring at the N terminus of proteins that contain multiple copies of either CYS2-HIS2 ZINC FINGERS or KELCH REPEATS. It is characterized by a tightly intertwined dimer with an extensive hydrophobic interface. A surface-exposed groove lined with conserved amino acids is formed at the dimer interface, suggesting a peptide-binding site. Many BTB proteins are transcriptional regulators that are thought to regulate CHROMATIN structure.