Carney Complex


Carney Complex, Type 1

Carney Complex, Type 2

Carney Complex, Type I

Carney Complex, Type II

Carney Myxoma Endocrine Complex

Carney Myxoma Endocrine Complex, Type II

Carney Myxoma-Endocrine Complex

Carney Myxoma-Endocrine Complex, Type II

Carney Syndrome

Complex, Carney

Complex, Carney Myxoma-Endocrine

LAMB - Lentigines, Atrial Myxoma, Mucocutaneous Myoma, Blue Nevus Syndrome

LAMB Syndrome

LAMB Syndromes

Myxoma, Spotty Pigmentation, and Endocrine Overactivity

Myxoma-Endocrine Complex, Carney

NAME Syndrome

NAME Syndromes

Nevi, Atrial Myxoma, Skin Myxoma, Ephelides Syndrome

Syndrome, Carney

Syndrome, LAMB

Syndromes, LAMB

Autosomal dominant syndrome characterized by cardiac and cutaneous MYXOMAS; LENTIGINOSIS (spotty pigmentation of the skin), and endocrinopathy and its associated endocrine tumors. The cardiac myxomas may lead to SUDDEN CARDIAC DEATH and other complications in Carney complex patients. The gene coding for the PRKAR1A protein is one of the causative genetic loci (type 1). A second locus is at chromosome 2p16 (type 2).