CELF Proteins


BRUNOL Proteins

Bruno Like Family Member Proteins

Bruno-Like Family Member Proteins

CUG BP Proteins

CUG Triplet Repeat, RNA Binding Proteins

CUG Triplet Repeat, RNA-Binding Proteins

CUG-BP Proteins

CUGBP Proteins

CUGBP, Elav Like Family Member Proteins

CUGBP, Elav-Like Family Member Proteins

Proteins, BRUNOL

Proteins, CELF

Proteins, CUG-BP

Proteins, CUGBP

A family of RRM proteins which contain two N-terminal RNA RECOGNITION MOTIF (RRM) domains, one C-terminal RRM domain, and a divergent segment of 160-230 amino acids between the second and third RRM domains. They regulate pre-mRNA ALTERNATIVE SPLICING and also function in RNA EDITING and PROTEIN BIOSYNTHESIS.