Cercopithecus aethiops


African Green Monkey

Cercopithecus pygerythrus

Cercopithecus sabeus

Cercopithecus tantalus

Chlorocebus aethiop

Chlorocebus aethiops

Green Monkey

Green Monkey, African

Green Monkeys

Grivet Monkey

Grivet Monkeys

Monkey, African Green

Monkey, Green

Monkey, Grivet

Monkey, Savannah

Monkey, Vervet

Monkeys, Green

Monkeys, Grivet

Monkeys, Savannah

Monkeys, Vervet

Savannah Monkey

Savannah Monkeys

Vervet Monkey

Vervet Monkeys

aethiop, Chlorocebus

aethiops, Chlorocebus

A species of CERCOPITHECUS containing three subspecies: C. tantalus, C. pygerythrus, and C. sabeus. They are found in the forests and savannah of Africa. The African green monkey (C. pygerythrus) is the natural host of SIMIAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS and is used in AIDS research.