Chemokine CXCL5


CXCL5 Chemokine

CXCL5, Chemokine

Chemokine (C-X-C Motif) Ligand 5 Protein

Chemokine, CXCL5

ENA 78 Chemokine

ENA-78 Chemokine

Endothelial Neutrophil Activating Peptide 78

Endothelial Neutrophil-Activating Peptide 78

Epithelial Cell Derived Neutrophil Attractant 78

Epithelial-Cell-Derived Neutrophil Attractant-78

Neutrophil Attractant-78, Epithelial-Cell-Derived

A CXC chemokine that is predominantly expressed in EPITHELIAL CELLS. It has specificity for the CXCR2 RECEPTORS and is involved in the recruitment and activation of NEUTROPHILS.