Collagen Type IX


Collagen Type IX, alpha1 Chain

Collagen Type IX, alpha1 Subunit

Collagen Type IX, alpha2 Chain

Collagen Type IX, alpha2 Subunit

Collagen Type IX, alpha3 Chain

Collagen Type IX, alpha3 Subunit

Collagen Type-IX, alpha1 Chain

Collagen Type-IX, alpha2 Chain

Collagen Type-IX, alpha3 Chain

Collagen alpha1(IX)

Collagen alpha2(IX)

Collagen alpha3(IX)

Collagen, Type IX

Procollagen Type IX

Procollagen, Type IX

Type IX Collagen

Type IX Procollagen

Type IX, Procollagen

A fibril-associated collagen usually found crosslinked to the surface of COLLAGEN TYPE II fibrils. It is a heterotrimer containing alpha1(IX), alpha2(IX) and alpha3(IX) subunits.