Complement C1 Inhibitor Protein


C1 Esterase Inhibitor

C1 INH Protein

C1 Inhibitor Protein

C1-INH Protein

C1-Inhibitor Protein

Complement C1-Inhibitor Protein

Esterase Inhibitor, C1

G1, Serpin

Plasma Protease C1 Inhibitor

Serpin G1

An endogenous 105-kDa plasma glycoprotein produced primarily by the LIVER and MONOCYTES. It inhibits a broad spectrum of proteases, including the COMPLEMENT C1R and the COMPLEMENT C1S proteases of the CLASSICAL COMPLEMENT PATHWAY, and the MANNOSE-BINDING PROTEIN-ASSOCIATED SERINE PROTEASES. C1-INH-deficient individuals suffer from HEREDITARY ANGIOEDEMA TYPES I AND II.