Complement C3-C5 Convertases


Activator, C3

C 3 Convertase

C3 Activator

C3 C5 Convertase

C3 Convertase

C3 Convertases, Complement

C3-C5 Convertase

C3-C5 Convertases, Complement

C5 Cleaving Enzyme

C5 Convertase

C5 Convertases, Complement

Complement 3 Convertase

Complement 5 Convertase

Complement C3 C5 Convertases

Complement C3 Convertases

Complement C5 Convertases

Convertase, C 3

Convertase, C3

Convertase, C3-C5

Convertase, Complement 3

Convertases, Complement C3

Convertases, Complement C3-C5

Convertases, Complement C5

Serine proteases that cleave COMPLEMENT C3 into COMPLEMENT C3A and COMPLEMENT C3B, or cleave COMPLEMENT C5 into COMPLEMENT C5A and COMPLEMENT C5B. These include the different forms of C3/C5 convertases in the classical and the alternative pathways of COMPLEMENT ACTIVATION. Both cleavages take place at the C-terminal of an ARGININE residue.