Coombs Test


Anti Human Globulin Consumption Test

Anti-Human Globulin Consumption Test

Antiglobulin Consumption Test

Antiglobulin Consumption Tests

Antiglobulin Test

Antiglobulin Test, Direct

Antiglobulin Test, Indirect

Antiglobulin Tests

Antiglobulin Tests, Direct

Antiglobulin Tests, Indirect

Antihuman Globulin Consumption Test

Consumption Test, Antiglobulin

Consumption Tests, Antiglobulin

Coomb Test

Coomb's Test

Coombs Test, Direct

Coombs Test, Indirect

Coombs' Test

Direct Antiglobulin Test

Direct Antiglobulin Tests

Direct Coombs Test

Indirect Antiglobulin Test

Indirect Antiglobulin Tests

Indirect Coombs Test

Test, Antiglobulin

Test, Antiglobulin Consumption

Test, Coombs

Test, Coombs'

Test, Direct Antiglobulin

Test, Direct Coombs

Test, Indirect Antiglobulin

Test, Indirect Coombs

Tests, Antiglobulin

Tests, Antiglobulin Consumption

Tests, Direct Antiglobulin

Tests, Indirect Antiglobulin

A test to detect non-agglutinating ANTIBODIES against ERYTHROCYTES by use of anti-antibodies (the Coombs' reagent.) The direct test is applied to freshly drawn blood to detect antibody bound to circulating red cells. The indirect test is applied to serum to detect the presence of antibodies that can bind to red blood cells.