Coxa Vara


Acquired Coxa Vara

Acquired Coxa Varas

Acquired Coxa Varus

Congenital Coxa Vara

Congenital Coxa Varas

Congenital Coxa Varus

Coxa Vara, Acquired

Coxa Vara, Congenital

Coxa Vara, Developmental

Coxa Vara, Infantile

Coxa Varas

Coxa Varas, Acquired

Coxa Varas, Congenital

Coxa Varas, Developmental

Coxa Varas, Infantile

Coxa Varus

Coxa Varus, Acquired

Coxa Varus, Congenital

Coxa Varus, Developmental

Developmental Coxa Vara

Developmental Coxa Varas

Developmental Coxa Varus

Infantile Coxa Vara

Infantile Coxa Varas

Vara, Coxa

Varas, Coxa

Varus, Coxa

Hip deformity in which the femoral neck leans forward resulting in a decrease in the angle between femoral neck and its shaft. It may be congenital often syndromic, acquired, or developmental.