CRISPR-Associated Proteins


CASCADE Proteins, CRISPR Associated

CASCADE Proteins, CRISPR-Associated

CRISPR Associated Complex for Antiviral Defense Proteins

CRISPR Associated Protein Complex Proteins

CRISPR Associated Proteins

CRISPR-Associated CASCADE Proteins

CRISPR-Associated Complex for Antiviral Defense Proteins

CRISPR-Associated Protein Complex Proteins

Proteins, CRISPR-Associated

Proteins, Repeat-Associated Mysterious

Repeat Associated Mysterious Proteins

Repeat-Associated Mysterious Proteins

Protein components of the CRISPR-CAS SYSTEMS for anti-viral defense in ARCHAEA and BACTERIA. These are proteins that carry out a variety of functions during the creation and expansion of the CRISPR ARRAYS, the capture of new CRISPR SPACERS, biogenesis of SMALL INTERFERING RNA (CRISPR or crRNAs), and the targeting and silencing of invading viruses and plasmids. They include DNA HELICASES; RNA-BINDING PROTEINS; ENDONUCLEASES; and RNA and DNA POLYMERASES.