Cyclic GMP-Dependent Protein Kinases


Cyclic GMP Dependent Protein Kinase

Cyclic GMP Dependent Protein Kinases

Cyclic GMP-Dependent Protein Kinase

G Kinase

G Kinases



Guanosine Cyclic 3',5' Phosphate Dependent Protein Kinase

Guanosine Cyclic 3',5'-Phosphate-Dependent Protein Kinase

Guanosine Cyclic Monophosphate Dependent Protein Kinases

Guanosine Cyclic Monophosphate-Dependent Protein Kinases

Kinases, cGMP-Dependent Protein

Protein Kinase G

Protein Kinases, cGMP-Dependent

cGMP Dependent Protein Kinases

cGMP-Dependent Protein Kinases

A group of cyclic GMP-dependent enzymes that catalyze the phosphorylation of SERINE or THREONINE residues of proteins.