Cytopathogenic Effect, Viral


Cytopathic Effect, Viral

Cytopathic Effects, Viral

Cytopathogenic Effects, Viral

Effect, Viral Cytopathic

Effect, Viral Cytopathogenic

Effects, Viral Cytopathic

Effects, Viral Cytopathogenic

Viral Cytopathic Effect

Viral Cytopathic Effects

Viral Cytopathogenic Effect

Viral Cytopathogenic Effects

Visible morphologic changes in cells infected with viruses. It includes shutdown of cellular RNA and protein synthesis, cell fusion, release of lysosomal enzymes, changes in cell membrane permeability, diffuse changes in intracellular structures, presence of viral inclusion bodies, and chromosomal aberrations. It excludes malignant transformation, which is CELL TRANSFORMATION, VIRAL. Viral cytopathogenic effects provide a valuable method for identifying and classifying the infecting viruses.