Dermatitis, Photoallergic


Contact Dermatitides, Photoallergic

Contact Dermatitides, Photosensitive

Contact Dermatitis, Photoallergic

Contact Dermatitis, Photosensitive

Dermatitides, Photoallergic

Dermatitides, Photoallergic Contact

Dermatitides, Photocontact

Dermatitides, Photosensitive Contact

Dermatitis, Contact, Photoallergic

Dermatitis, Contact, Photosensitive

Dermatitis, Photoallergic Contact

Dermatitis, Photocontact

Dermatitis, Photosensitive Contact

Photoallergic Contact Dermatitides

Photoallergic Contact Dermatitis

Photoallergic Dermatitides

Photoallergic Dermatitis



Photocontact Dermatitides

Photocontact Dermatitis

Photosensitive Contact Dermatitides

Photosensitive Contact Dermatitis

A delayed hypersensitivity involving the reaction between sunlight or other radiant energy source and a chemical substance to which the individual has been previously exposed and sensitized. It manifests as a papulovesicular, eczematous, or exudative dermatitis occurring chiefly on the light-exposed areas of the skin.