Dolichol Monophosphate Mannose


Alpha-D-Mannopyranosyl Phosphate, Dolichyl

D Mannopyranosyldolichyl


Dolichol, Mannosyl Phosphoryl

Dolicholphosphate Mannose

Dolichyl Alpha D Mannopyranosyl Phosphate

Dolichyl Alpha-D-Mannopyranosyl Phosphate

Dolichyl Mannopyranosyl Phosphate

Dolichyl Mannosyl Phosphate


Mannopyranosyl Phosphate, Dolichyl

Mannose, Dolichol Monophosphate

Mannose, Dolicholphosphate

Mannosyl Phosphate, Dolichyl

Mannosyl Phosphoryl Dolichol

Monophosphate Mannose, Dolichol

Phosphate, Dolichyl Alpha-D-Mannopyranosyl

Phosphate, Dolichyl Mannopyranosyl

Phosphate, Dolichyl Mannosyl

Phosphoryl Dolichol, Mannosyl

beta-D-Mannopyranose, 1-ester with dolichol dihydrogen phosphate

A lipophilic glycosyl carrier of the monosaccharide mannose in the biosynthesis of oligosaccharide phospholipids and glycoproteins.