Electroconvulsive Therapy


Convulsive Therapies, Electric

Convulsive Therapy, Electric

ECT (Psychotherapy)

Electric Convulsive Therapies

Electric Convulsive Therapy

Electric Shock Therapies

Electric Shock Therapy

Electroconvulsive Therapies

Electroshock Therapies

Electroshock Therapy

Shock Therapies, Electric

Shock Therapy, Electric

Therapies, Electric Convulsive

Therapies, Electric Shock

Therapies, Electroconvulsive

Therapies, Electroshock

Therapy, Electric Convulsive

Therapy, Electric Shock

Therapy, Electroconvulsive

Therapy, Electroshock

Electrically induced CONVULSIONS primarily used in the treatment of severe AFFECTIVE DISORDERS and SCHIZOPHRENIA.