Emergency Service, Hospital


Accident and Emergency Department

Department, Emergency

Departments, Emergency

Emergencies, Hospital Service

Emergency Department

Emergency Departments

Emergency Hospital Service

Emergency Hospital Services

Emergency Outpatient Unit

Emergency Outpatient Units

Emergency Room

Emergency Rooms

Emergency Services, Hospital

Emergency Unit

Emergency Units

Emergency Ward

Emergency Wards

Emergency, Hospital Service

Hospital Emergency Service

Hospital Emergency Services

Hospital Service Emergencies

Hospital Service Emergency

Hospital Service, Emergency

Hospital Services, Emergency

Outpatient Unit, Emergency

Outpatient Units, Emergency

Room, Emergency

Rooms, Emergency

Service Emergencies, Hospital

Service Emergency, Hospital

Service, Emergency Hospital

Service, Hospital Emergency

Services, Emergency Hospital

Services, Hospital Emergency

Unit, Emergency

Unit, Emergency Outpatient

Units, Emergency

Units, Emergency Outpatient

Ward, Emergency

Wards, Emergency

Hospital department responsible for the administration and provision of immediate medical or surgical care to the emergency patient.