Empty Sella Syndrome


Empty Sella Syndrome, Primary

Empty Sella Syndrome, Secondary

Empty Sella Syndromes

Empty Sella Turcica

Empty Sella Turcica Syndrome

Empty Sella Turcicas

Primary Empty Sella Syndrome

Secondary Empty Sella Syndrome

Sella Turcica, Empty

Sella Turcicas, Empty

A condition when the SELLA TURCICA is not filled with pituitary tissue. The pituitary gland is either compressed, atrophied, or removed. There are two types: (1) primary empty sella is due a defect in the sella diaphragm leading to arachnoid herniation into the sellar space; (2) secondary empty sella is associated with the removal or treatment of PITUITARY NEOPLASMS.