Epistasis, Genetic


Deviation, Epistatic

Epistases, Genetic

Epistatic Deviation

Epistatic Gene

Epistatic Gene-Gene Interaction

Epistatic Gene-Gene Interactions

Epistatic Genes

Gene Gene Interaction, Epistatic

Gene Gene Interactions, Epistatic

Gene Interaction, Non-Allelic

Gene Interactions, Non-Allelic

Gene, Epistatic

Gene, Hypostatic

Gene-Gene Interaction, Epistatic

Gene-Gene Interactions, Epistatic

Genes, Epistatic

Genes, Hypostatic

Genetic Epistases

Genetic Epistasis

Hypostatic Gene

Hypostatic Genes

Interaction Deviation

Interaction, Epistatic Gene-Gene

Interaction, Non-Allelic Gene

Interactions, Epistatic Gene-Gene

Interactions, Non-Allelic Gene

Non Allelic Gene Interactions

Non-Allelic Gene Interaction

Non-Allelic Gene Interactions

A form of gene interaction whereby the expression of one gene interferes with or masks the expression of a different gene or genes. Genes whose expression interferes with or masks the effects of other genes are said to be epistatic to the effected genes. Genes whose expression is affected (blocked or masked) are hypostatic to the interfering genes.