ets-Domain Protein Elk-4


Elk 4 ets Domain Protein

Elk-4 ets-Domain Protein

Elk-4, ets-Domain Protein

Ets-Domain Protein, Sap-1a

Ets-Domain Protein, Sap-1b

Ets-Domain Protein, Sap1a

Ets-Domain Protein, Sap1b

SRF Accessory Protein 1

Sap 1a Ets Domain Protein

Sap 1b Ets Domain Protein

Sap-1a Ets-Domain Protein

Sap-1b Ets-Domain Protein

Sap1a Ets Domain Protein

Sap1a Ets-Domain Protein

Sap1b Ets Domain Protein

Sap1b Ets-Domain Protein

Serum Response Factor Accessory Protein 1

Serum Response Factor Protein 1a

Serum Response Factor Protein 1b

Serum-Response-Factor Protein-1a

Serum-Response-Factor Protein-1b

ets Domain Protein Elk 4

ets-Domain Protein, Elk-4

A member of the ternary complex family of ets-related transcription factors that is regulated by MITOGEN-ACTIVATED PROTEIN KINASES such as EXTRACELLULAR SIGNAL-REGULATED MAP KINASES; and P38 MITOGEN-ACTIVATED PROTEIN KINASES.