Event-Related Potentials, P300


Event Related Potentials, P3

Event Related Potentials, P300

Event-Related Potential, P3

Event-Related Potential, P300

Event-Related Potential, P3a

Event-Related Potential, P3b

Event-Related Potentials, P3

Event-Related Potentials, P3a

Event-Related Potentials, P3b

Evoked Potentials, P300 Component

P3 Event Related Potentials

P3 Event-Related Potential

P3 Event-Related Potentials

P300 Component

P300 Components

P300 Event Related Potentials

P300 Event-Related Potential

P300 Event-Related Potentials

P3a Event Related Potentials

P3a Event-Related Potential

P3a Event-Related Potentials

P3b Event Related Potentials

P3b Event-Related Potential

P3b Event-Related Potentials

A late-appearing component of the event-related potential. P300 stands for a positive deflection in the event-related voltage potential at 300 millisecond poststimulus. Its amplitude increases with unpredictable, unlikely, or highly significant stimuli and thereby constitutes an index of mental activity. (From Campbell, Psychiatric Dictionary, 6th ed)