Exostoses, Multiple Hereditary


Aclases, Diaphyseal

Aclasis, Diaphyseal

Bessel-Hagen Disease

Cartilaginous Exostoses, Multiple

Cartilaginous Exostosis, Multiple

Chondrodysplasia, Hereditary Deforming

Chondrodysplasias, Hereditary Deforming

Deforming Chondrodysplasia, Hereditary

Deforming Chondrodysplasias, Hereditary

Diaphyseal Aclases

Diaphyseal Aclasis

Exostoses, Familial

Exostoses, Hereditary Multiple

Exostoses, Multiple

Exostoses, Multiple Cartilaginous

Exostoses, Multiple, Type I

Exostosis, Familial

Exostosis, Hereditary Multiple

Exostosis, Multiple

Exostosis, Multiple Cartilaginous

Familial Exostoses

Familial Exostosis

Hereditary Deforming Chondrodysplasia

Hereditary Deforming Chondrodysplasias

Hereditary Exostoses, Multiple

Hereditary Multiple Exostoses

Hereditary Multiple Exostosis

Multiple Cartilaginous Exostoses

Multiple Cartilaginous Exostosis

Multiple Exostoses

Multiple Exostoses, Hereditary

Multiple Exostosis

Multiple Exostosis, Hereditary

Multiple Hereditary Exostoses

Multiple Osteochondroma

Multiple Osteochondromas

Multiple Osteochondromatosis

Osteochondroma, Multiple

Osteochondromas, Multiple

Hereditary disorder transmitted by an autosomal dominant gene and characterized by multiple exostoses (multiple osteochondromas) near the ends of long bones. The genetic abnormality results in a defect in the osteoclastic activity at the metaphyseal ends of the bone during the remodeling process in childhood or early adolescence. The metaphyses develop benign, bony outgrowths often capped by cartilage. A small number undergo neoplastic transformation.