F Factor


Bacterial Fertility Factor

Bacterial Fertility Factors

Bacterial Sex Factor

Bacterial Sex Factors

F Factors

F Plasmid

F Plasmids

Factor F, Sex

Factor Fs, Sex

Factor, Bacterial Fertility

Factor, Bacterial Sex

Factor, F

Factor, Resistance Transfer

Factors, Bacterial Fertility

Factors, Bacterial Sex

Factors, F

Factors, Resistance Transfer

Fertility Factor, Bacterial

Fertility Factors, Bacterial

Fs, Sex Factor

Plasmid, F

Plasmids, F

Resistance Transfer Factor

Resistance Transfer Factors

Sex Factor F

Sex Factor Fs

Sex Factor, Bacterial

Sex Factors, Bacterial

Transfer Factor, Resistance

Transfer Factors, Resistance

A plasmid whose presence in the cell, either extrachromosomal or integrated into the BACTERIAL CHROMOSOME, determines the "sex" of the bacterium, host chromosome mobilization, transfer via conjugation (CONJUGATION, GENETIC) of genetic material, and the formation of SEX PILI.

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