Farber Lipogranulomatosis


Acid Ceramidase Deficiencies

Acid Ceramidase Deficiency

Ceramidase Deficiencies

Ceramidase Deficiency

Ceramidase Deficiency, Acid

Deficiencies, Ceramidase

Deficiencies, N-Laurylsphingosine Deacylase

Deficiency, Acid Ceramidase

Deficiency, Ceramidase

Deficiency, N-Laurylsphingosine Deacylase

Disease, Farber's

Diseases, Farber's

Farber Disease

Farber's Disease

Farber's Diseases

Farbers Disease

Lipogranulomatosis, Farber

N Laurylsphingosine Deacylase Deficiency

N-Laurylsphingosine Deacylase Deficiencies

N-Laurylsphingosine Deacylase Deficiency

A sphingolipidosis subtype that is characterized by the histological appearance of granulomatous deposits in tissues. It results from the accumulation of CERAMIDES in various tissues due to an inherited deficiency of ACID CERAMIDASE.