Farnesyl-Diphosphate Farnesyltransferase


FPP FPP Farnesyl Transferase

FPP-FPP Farnesyl Transferase

Farnesyl Diphosphate Farnesyltransferase

Farnesyl Transferase, FPP-FPP

Farnesyldiphosphate Farnesyldiphosphate Farnesyltransferase

Farnesyldiphosphate-Farnesyldiphosphate Farnesyltransferase

Farnesyltransferase, Farnesyl-Diphosphate

Farnesyltransferase, Farnesyldiphosphate-Farnesyldiphosphate

Presqualene Diphosphate Synthase

Presqualene-Diphosphate Synthase

Squalene Synthase

Squalene Synthetase

Synthase, Presqualene-Diphosphate

Synthase, Squalene

Synthetase, Squalene

Transferase, FPP-FPP Farnesyl

The first committed enzyme of the biosynthesis pathway that leads to the production of STEROLS. it catalyzes the synthesis of SQUALENE from farnesyl pyrophosphate via the intermediate PRESQUALENE PYROPHOSPHATE. This enzyme is also a critical branch point enzyme in the biosynthesis of ISOPRENOIDS that is thought to regulate the flux of isoprene intermediates through the sterol pathway.