Focal Adhesion Kinase 2


CADTK Protein

Calcium Dependent Protein Tyrosine Kinase

Calcium-Dependent Protein Tyrosine Kinase

Cell Adhesion Kinase Beta

FAK Autokinase

Focal Adhesion Kinase Autokinase

PYK2 Protein Tyrosine Kinase

Proline Rich Tyrosine Kinase 2

Proline-Rich Tyrosine Kinase 2

Protein Tyrosine Kinase PYK2

RAFTK Protein

Related Adhesion Focal Tyrosine Kinase

A non-receptor protein-tyrosine kinase that is expressed primarily in the BRAIN; OSTEOBLASTS; and LYMPHOID CELLS. In the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM focal adhesion kinase 2 modulates ION CHANNEL function and MITOGEN-ACTIVATED PROTEIN KINASES activity.