Frameshifting, Ribosomal


Frame Shift, Ribosomal

Frame Shifting, Ribosomal

Frame Shifts, Ribosomal

Frameshift, Ribosomal

Frameshifting, Translational

Frameshifts, Ribosomal

Ribosomal Frame Shift

Ribosomal Frame Shifting

Ribosomal Frame Shifts

Ribosomal Frameshift

Ribosomal Frameshifting

Ribosomal Frameshifts

Translational Frameshifting

A directed change in translational READING FRAMES that allows the production of a single protein from two or more OVERLAPPING GENES. The process is programmed by the nucleotide sequence of the MRNA and is sometimes also affected by the secondary or tertiary mRNA structure. It has been described mainly in VIRUSES (especially RETROVIRUSES); RETROTRANSPOSONS; and bacterial insertion elements but also in some cellular genes.