Fusion Proteins, bcr-abl


Bcr Abl Tyrosine Kinase

Bcr-Abl Tyrosine Kinase

Fusion Proteins, bcr abl

Kinase, Bcr-Abl Tyrosine

Oncogene Protein p185(bcr-abl)

Oncogene Protein p190(bcr-abl)

Oncogene Protein p210(bcr-abl)

Oncogene Protein p230(bcr-abl)

Tyrosine Kinase, Bcr-Abl

bcr abl Fusion Proteins

bcr-abl Fusion Proteins

p185(bcr-abl) Fusion Proteins

p190(bcr-abl) Fusion Proteins

p210(bcr-abl) Fusion Proteins

p230(bcr-abl) Fusion Proteins

Translation products of a fusion gene derived from CHROMOSOMAL TRANSLOCATION of C-ABL GENES to the genetic locus of the breakpoint cluster region gene on chromosome 22. Several different variants of the bcr-abl fusion proteins occur depending upon the precise location of the chromosomal breakpoint. These variants can be associated with distinct subtypes of leukemias such as PRECURSOR CELL LYMPHOBLASTIC LEUKEMIA-LYMPHOMA; LEUKEMIA, MYELOGENOUS, CHRONIC, BCR-ABL POSITIVE; and NEUTROPHILIC LEUKEMIA, CHRONIC.