Fusion Proteins, gag-onc


Fujinami Sarcoma Virus P140 gag fps

Fujinami Sarcoma Virus P140 gag-fps

Fusion Proteins, gag onc

Fusion Proteins, gag ros

Fusion Proteins, gag-ros

Oncogene Protein v fes

Oncogene Protein v-fes

Protein v-fes, Oncogene

Proteins, gag-onc Fusion

Proteins, gag-ros Fusion

gag myc Fused Protein p110

gag onc Fusion Proteins

gag-fes, p140

gag-fes, pp85

gag-fps, p140

gag-myc Fused Protein p110

gag-onc Fusion Proteins

gag-pol-myc, p200

gag-ros Fusion Proteins

p140 gag fes

p140 gag fps

p140 gag-fes

p140 gag-fps

p200 gag pol myc

p200 gag-pol-myc

pp85 gag fes

pp85 gag-fes

v-fes, Oncogene Protein

General name for the translation products of a fusion mRNA consisting of a gag gene and a viral oncogene (v-onc). These products are thought to have the ability to transform cells.