Gingivitis, Necrotizing Ulcerative


Acute Membranous Gingivitides

Acute Membranous Gingivitis

Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis

Angina, Vincent

Anginas, Vincent

Fusospirillary Gingivitides

Fusospirillary Gingivitis



Gingivitides, Acute Membranous

Gingivitides, Fusospirillary

Gingivitides, Phagedenic

Gingivitis, Acute Membranous

Gingivitis, Fusospirillary

Gingivitis, Phagedenic

Gingivitis, Vincent's

Infection, Vincent

Infection, Vincent's

Membranous Gingivitides, Acute

Membranous Gingivitis, Acute

Mouth, Trench

Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis

Phagedenic Gingivitides

Phagedenic Gingivitis

Stomatitides, Ulcerative

Stomatitis, Ulcerative

Stomatitis, Vincent's

Trench Mouth

Ulcerative Gingivitis, Necrotizing

Ulcerative Stomatitides

Ulcerative Stomatitis

Vincent Angina

Vincent Gingivitis

Vincent Infection

Vincent Stomatitis

Vincent's Gingivitis

Vincent's Infection

Vincent's Stomatitis

Vincents Gingivitis

Vincents Infection

Vincents Stomatitis

An acute or chronic GINGIVITIS characterized by redness and swelling, NECROSIS extending from the interdental papillae along the gingival margins, PAIN; HEMORRHAGE, necrotic odor, and often a pseudomembrane. The condition may extend to the ORAL MUCOSA; TONGUE; PALATE; or PHARYNX. The etiology is somewhat unclear, but may involve a complex of FUSOBACTERIUM NUCLEATUM along with spirochetes BORRELIA or TREPONEMA.