Glycogen Storage Disease Type IV




Andersen Disease

Andersen's Disease

Andersens Disease

Brancher Deficiencies

Brancher Deficiency

Deficiencies, Brancher

Deficiencies, Gbe1

Deficiency, Brancher

Deficiency, Gbe1

Disease, Andersen

Disease, Andersen's

Gbe1 Deficiencies

Gbe1 Deficiency

Glycogen Branching Enzyme Deficiency

Glycogen Storage Disease Type 4

Glycogenoses, Type IV

Glycogenosis 4

Glycogenosis 4s

Glycogenosis IV

Glycogenosis IVs

Glycogenosis, Type IV

Type IV Glycogenoses

Type IV Glycogenosis

An autosomal recessive metabolic disorder due to a deficiency in expression of glycogen branching enzyme 1 (alpha-1,4-glucan-6-alpha-glucosyltransferase), resulting in an accumulation of abnormal GLYCOGEN with long outer branches. Clinical features are MUSCLE HYPOTONIA and CIRRHOSIS. Death from liver disease usually occurs before age 2.