Hand-Foot Syndrome


Acral Erythema, Chemotherapy-Induced

Acral Erythemas, Chemotherapy-Induced

Chemotherapy Induced Acral Erythema

Chemotherapy Induced Palmoplantar Erythrodysesthesia

Chemotherapy-Induced Acral Erythema

Chemotherapy-Induced Acral Erythemas

Chemotherapy-Induced Palmoplantar Erythrodysesthesia

Chemotherapy-Induced Palmoplantar Erythrodysesthesias

Hand Foot Syndrome

Hand-Foot Syndromes

Palmoplantar Erythrodysesthesia, Chemotherapy-Induced

Palmoplantar Erythrodysesthesias, Chemotherapy-Induced

Syndrome, Hand-Foot

Syndromes, Hand-Foot

Chemotherapy-induced dermal side effects that are associated with the use of various CYTOSTATIC AGENTS. Symptoms range from mild ERYTHEMA and/or PARESTHESIA to severe ulcerative dermatitis with debilitating pain involving typically palmoplantar and intertriginous areas. These cutaneous manifestations are sometimes accompanied by nail anomalies.