Head and Neck Neoplasms


Cancer of Head

Cancer of Head and Neck

Cancer of Neck

Cancer of the Head

Cancer of the Head and Neck

Cancer of the Neck

Head Cancer

Head Neoplasms

Head and Neck Cancer

Head, Neck Neoplasms

Neck Cancer

Neck Neoplasms

Neoplasm, UADT

Neoplasms, Head

Neoplasms, Head and Neck

Neoplasms, Neck

Neoplasms, UADT

Neoplasms, Upper Aerodigestive Tract

UADT Neoplasm

UADT Neoplasms

Upper Aerodigestive Tract Neoplasms

Soft tissue tumors or cancer arising from the mucosal surfaces of the LIP; oral cavity; PHARYNX; LARYNX; and cervical esophagus. Other sites included are the NOSE and PARANASAL SINUSES; SALIVARY GLANDS; THYROID GLAND and PARATHYROID GLANDS; and MELANOMA and non-melanoma skin cancers of the head and neck. (from Holland et al., Cancer Medicine, 4th ed, p1651)