HIV Enhancer


Enhancer, HIV

Enhancer, HIV-1

Enhancers, HIV

Enhancers, HIV-1

HIV 1 Enhancer

HIV Enhancers

HIV NF kappa B Binding Site

HIV NF-kB-Binding Site

HIV NF-kB-Binding Sites

HIV NF-kappa B-Binding Site

HIV-1 Enhancer

HIV-1 Enhancers

NF kB Binding Site, HIV

NF kappa B Binding Site, HIV

NF-kB Binding Site, HIV

NF-kB-Binding Site, HIV

NF-kB-Binding Sites, HIV

NF-kappa B-Binding Site, HIV

Site, HIV NF-kB-Binding

Sites, HIV NF-kB-Binding

Cis-acting regulatory sequences in the HIV long terminal repeat (LTR) which play a major role in induction or augmentation of HIV gene expression in response to environmental stimuli such as mitogens, phorbol esters, or other viruses. The HIV enhancer is the binding site for many cellular transcription factors including the nuclear factor NF-kappa B.