HMGA1a Protein


AT Hook 1a Protein, High Mobility Group

AT-Hook 1a Protein, High Mobility Group

HMG I Type Protein

HMG I Y Phosphoprotein

HMG I-Type Protein

HMG I-Y Phosphoprotein

HMG-I(Y) Protein

HMGI Protein

HMGI(Y) Gene Product

High Mobility Group I(Y) Protein

Phosphoprotein, HMG I-Y

An 11-kDa AT-hook motif-containing (AT-HOOK MOTIFS) protein that binds to the minor grove of AT-rich regions of DNA. It is the full-length product of the alternatively-spliced HMGA1 gene and may function as an architectural chromatin binding protein that is involved in transcriptional regulation.