Hospital-Physician Joint Ventures


Hospital Physician Joint Venture

Hospital Physician Joint Ventures

Hospital Physician Organizations

Hospital-Physician Joint Venture

Hospital-Physician Organization

Hospital-Physician Organizations

Joint Venture

Joint Venture, Hospital Physician

Joint Venture, Hospital-Physician

Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures, Hospital Physician

Joint Ventures, Hospital-Physician

Organization, Hospital-Physician

Organization, Physician-Hospital

Organizations, Hospital Physician

Organizations, Hospital-Physician

Organizations, Physician Hospital

Organizations, Physician-Hospital

Physician Hospital Organizations

Physician-Hospital Organization

Physician-Hospital Organizations

Venture, Hospital-Physician Joint

Venture, Joint

Ventures, Hospital-Physician Joint

Ventures, Joint

A formal financial agreement made between one or more physicians and a hospital to provide ambulatory alternative services to those patients who do not require hospitalization.