Immunoglobulin alpha-Chains


Heavy Chain, alpha-Immunoglobulin

Heavy Chains, alpha-Immunoglobulin

Immunoglobulin alpha Chains

Immunoglobulin alpha-Chain

Immunoglobulins, alpha Chain

Immunoglobulins, alpha-Chain

alpha Chain Immunoglobulins

alpha Immunoglobulin Heavy Chain

alpha Immunoglobulin Heavy Chains

alpha-Chain Immunoglobulins

alpha-Chains, Immunoglobulin

alpha-Immunoglobulin Heavy Chain

alpha-Immunoglobulin Heavy Chains

The class of heavy chains found in IMMUNOGLOBULIN A. They have a molecular weight of approximately 58 kDa and contain about 470 amino acid residues arranged in four domains and an oligosaccharide component bound covalently to their Fc fragment constant region.