Immunoreceptor Tyrosine-Based Inhibition Motif


Immune Receptor Tyrosine Based Inhibition Motif

Immune Receptor Tyrosine-Based Inhibition Motif

Immuno Receptor Tyrosine Based Inhibition Motif

Immuno-Receptor Tyrosine-Based Inhibition Motif

Immunoreceptor Tyrosine Based Inhibition Motif

A conserved AMINO ACID SEQUENCE located in the intracellular domains of a family of transmembrane proteins that negatively regulate the signal transduction processes emanating from transmembrane proteins containing IMMUNORECEPTOR TYROSINE-BASED ACTIVATION MOTIFS. The CONSENSUS SEQUENCE of this motif is I(or V)LXYXXL(or V) (where X denotes any amino acid). Also known as ITIM motifs.