Influenza A virus


Avian Orthomyxovirus Type A

Fowl Plague Virus

Fowl Plague Viruses

Influenza A viruses

Influenza Viruses Type A

Myxovirus influenzae A hominis

Myxovirus influenzae A suis

Myxovirus influenzae-A hominis

Myxovirus influenzae-A suis

Myxovirus pestis galli

Myxovirus, Pestis galli

Myxoviruses, Pestis galli

Orthomyxovirus Type A

Orthomyxovirus Type A, Avian

Orthomyxovirus Type A, Human

Orthomyxovirus Type A, Porcine

Pestis galli Myxovirus

Pestis galli Myxoviruses

Plague Virus, Fowl

Plague Viruses, Fowl

Virus, Fowl Plague

Viruses, Fowl Plague

The type species of the genus INFLUENZAVIRUS A that causes influenza and other diseases in humans and animals. Antigenic variation occurs frequently between strains, allowing classification into subtypes and variants. Transmission is usually by aerosol (human and most non-aquatic hosts) or waterborne (ducks). Infected birds shed the virus in their saliva, nasal secretions, and feces.